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Do anyone know
How I feel?
Feeling so alone
And so empty
My eyes are blank and my smile is fake
You can't just read me
You just have to know me
The tears that escape me
As I remember all the things
That went wrong
Or what it could of been like
On the outside I smile
On the inside I feel so dead to the world
Like I'm invisible
Not worth knowing
Useless and pointless
I lay awake for hours on end
Wishing everything away
I ask god
Why me?
Why do I have to suffer
For someone else's stupidity
What am I to you?
Someone you can toy around with
Someone you can hurt?
Well guess what god
I'm done!
I just want to disappear
And cry
Like spurting blood
Why is it I can bleed to death
But I can't cry to death?
I'm trying so hard
To gain control
Over what was once mine
My life
I feel like I don't matter
I feel like I'm better off dead
Better off not existing
Better off without love...


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