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This is what my friends boyfriend makes me think about me self...The "she" is her ily girl
She is happy, I'm sad
She has friends, shes popular
I'm not
People understand her,
No one understands me
She feels happiness and love,
I feel pain and sadness,
She doesn't cry,
I cry all the time
Its become natural
She will always have someone to love,
I never will know the truth about "love"
She is pretty in pink,
With expensive clothes from stores in NYC
I'm dark and black with torn up hand me downs
She is warm inside
I'm freezing from the core
She doesn't bleed tears,
I do everyday
Her heart is red lined with love,
Mine is the darkest black filled up with hate
she doesn't have emotions,
I have emotions
Her emotions don't run her life
My emotions ruin mine.